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Indian Spices

Different Blends of spices can be said to have "heating" or "cooling" effects. A Curry is a blend of spices cooked with tomatoes and onions,yoghurt...


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Welcome to Haandi...

The skill of using Indian spices comes not only with knowing what spices to use, but also how to use them. Spices enhance flavor and add that "zing" to the food, and it is these spices that makes the Indian Cuisines so distinctive.

The chefs at Haandi are masters of controlling the blend of these spices to prepare for you would be the most wonderful and authentic Indian Cuisine you've ever tasted!

Indian Cuisine

India's cuisine is as diverse as its regions. Its history cab be traced back thousands of years. Food patterns in India can be linked to a region's environment and religious practices. The Middle Eastern influence for instance brought meat dishes, exotic spices and nuts to the North indian Cuisine where it had the Greatest infuence.
However the prominently vegetarian diet of South india, quiet untouched with this influence is much milder with dishes more suited to the region...

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